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We want to hear from you!  Musicians, performers, artist, the creative people of our world!  If you would like the opportunity to be featured on Groundsounds.com please send us your work!

If you are sending music please send the following with your message:

  1. Artist name and Song Title.
  2. Link to the song via Youtube or SoundCloud for embed codes.
  3. Link to download Cover Art.
  4. Description of the song, production etc.
  5. Place new music in the Subject line.

If your submitting a music video, follow the same format please.

If you are submitting artwork, the following are required:

  1. Artist name and title of artwork if applicable.
  2. Link to download image(s) of your work.
  3. A brief synopsis describing the medium of your work.
  4. Place Art in the Subject line.
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