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Info: People who make music out of pure passion, this is what I find truly inspiring.
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Melbourne: Mia Milan – “I Won’t Cry”

Australian Pop artist Mia Milan has been singing, recording & writing all throughout Europe for the last few years defining her unique pop style and now she has a fresh new visual for her track &# ...

Sydney: BLY – “Rosey”

BLY is composed of two young electronic producers from the coast of Sydney, who have crafted their own form of Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul/Dance sounds. The two recently dropped the fresh new track “Ro ...
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Los Angeles: yOya – “The Heartwood”

Featuring synth drones and chill harmonies, LA based duo yOya (Alex Pfender/Noah Dietterich) recently dropped the fresh new track “The Heartwood,” the single tells a story of new love grow ...
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London: Billie Black – “Teach Me”

London based songstress Billie Black just dropped the fresh new track “Teach Me,” it is the title track taken from her sophomore EP, it was released via her own label, BBLK Recordings. Str ...

Hamilton: Pet Sun – “Never Quit”

Hamilton, Ontario, based band Pet Sun recently dropped some fresh new visuals for their track “Never Quit,” the guys are about to go on tour and they are set to release their debut LP on & ...

Toronto: Delta Will – “Manic Pulse”

Toronto based band Delta Will recently dropped the fresh new track “Manic Pulse,” it is about a young man’s dizzying journey through the triumphant highs & loathsome lows of a ma ...